Stress floods the workplace

  • almost 20 % of Belgian employees regularly experience acute stress symptoms
  • 1 in 10 employees have a diagnosed burnout or are very close to burning out
  • 1 in 4 people report anxiety and negative emotions at the workplace
  • 1 in 8 employees have problems falling and staying asleep

Here’s the good news

You can do something about these alarming numbers: for every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits (U. of Michigan Research Centre)

Businesses simply work better when people are happier, healthier and more energetic


It’s not about working harder. Nobody performs better with even more stress and longer to do lists. It’s about finding more balance, more mental clarity and more energy to do the right things. The things that matter. The strategic things that help companies do better.

What we offer

We offer Kundalini Yoga only. Why? Because of its efficiency and effectiveness—its power. Kundalini Yoga is quick: it’s specifically geared for real people with real lives—people who have jobs, families and responsabilities.

No fluff, real results.

Discover our 3 offers to help employees become as healthy and productive as possible.

  • Weekly classes at your company
  • Workshops
  • Sessions at your teambuilding, meeting day or offsite

Weekly classes at your company

One-hour yoga classes at the office.
The practice gives a real break from hunching over computer screens, improves blood flow to the brain and sharpens mental focus. Reduces stress and enhances the feeling of wellbeing and restores balance. Do not expect hipster-style techno music classes. We are used to work with people who are generally not very athletic and are a little bit fearful or self-conscious when it comes to yoga, so we mold our classes to their specific needs.

These classes can be paid for by the company, by the participants or in a ‘matching model’, for example both parties each pay 50%. Contact us to discuss rates

Class Hours

Classes are available in the morning or over lunch hours

  • 8.00 AM-9.00 AM
  • 11.30 AM-12.30 AM
  • 13.00 PM-14.00 PM

What you will need

  • A quiet, comfortable space large enough to use (boardroom, lunchroom, spare office, A/V room, gym, etc.)
  • Each person will need a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and a water bottle

All classes are designed to fit the needs of the individuals in each group and all classes are all-levels and suitable for almost anyone, even absolute beginners.

Classes can be taught in English or Dutch.




Next to weekly classes, we also offer series of 5 short workshops in 5 consecutive weeks around a specific topic:

  • Stress Reduction Techniques & Burnout Prevention
  • Mental Clarity, Focus and Concentration
  • Managing your Energy

We want to empower employees to become agents of change catalyzing better health for themselves, their coworkers, family and friends.  Once that happens, the benefits of improved health will be felt across the company and at your bottom line.

Workshops can be taught in English or Dutch.



Sessions at your teambuilding

We join your company team building of offsite and deliver a yoga class or workshop. The class boosts employee morale and connection, fostering a positive, fun team spirit and increased productivity.

Yoga can be a welcome break to a busy day or a relaxing way to de-stress at the end or the beginning of a long day of meetings. We bring everyone together to do something fun as a group. 
When people feel connected, that’s as effective as a using pay increase as an incentive! This is because people do not want to give energy without getting something—something as simple as recognition, thanks or support.

Sessions can be taught in English or Dutch.




Teacher Sangeeta (Sigrid) is an experienced and certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and licensed organizational psychologist. Running her own yoga studio with public classes and yogic therapy, she also has over 20 years of corporate experience as a consultant and manager working for multinationals like Microsoft, Sony, Bayer, Deutsche Bank, DHL, Toyota, Philips and Telenet. She knows the challenges in today’s business world and her teaching style is full of humor and transformative.
A class with Sangeeta is guaranteed to leave you and your co-workers refreshed, re-energized and ready to deal with workplace stress.

What people say

“Thank you so much for these valuable classes. I feel so relaxed and at the same time full of energy. I only wished we had discovered this sooner” (DG)

“My work week feels different now that I take your classes. I can work more focused and put my attention to the right things. It’s a very valuable gift from the company and I notice an increase in trust as well: taking happiness and health seriously, it’s about being the best possible place for us to work.” (NB)

 “Taking time to let yourself truly relax and maybe even fall asleep for a minute totally recharges my battery. I work happier — and probably harder — because I have more energy when I get back to my desk. It’s powerful.”  (LV)

“When you finish taking a yoga class at work, you feel great. Your energy is up. Your body and mind are at peace, and that sense of calm and clarity spills over into everything you do throughout the rest of your workday.”

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